• Wedding display at florists

    Wedding display

    Our cupcakes were chosen to form part of a wedding display at a Bridgnorth florist. The three things you need for a great wedding, a beautiful dress, fantastic flowers and amazing cupcakes (oh and someone to say "I do"!)

  • Chocolate delight cupcakes

    Mmmmmmmmmhh chocolate

    Our trademak chocolate cupcakes, we're sure Homer Simpson would love them!

  • Sparkling silver cupcakes

    Sparkling silver and new flower decorations

    The latest flower decoration for our wedding cupcakes is this beautiful 3D white flower.

  • Galaxy swirl cupcakes

    Purple Galaxy Swirls

  • Christmas cupcakes

    Christmas cupcakes

  • Wedding cupcakes Wedding cupcakes

    The last wedding cupcakes of 2009

  • New cupcakes New cupcakes New cupcakes

    A busy day in the kitchen

    New ideas, flavours and decorations for our latest batch of cupcakes.

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